Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday februrary 14

So the highlight of today was when i went in one of our closets with old clothes, looking for an old sweater i couldn't find. Instead of actually finding the sweater i was looking for, i found a bunch of other exciting things:

cow-patterned tights i actually used to wear when i was like, 10 (the amazing/freaky thing was that they actually fit!):

i was particularly excited about these two dresses (they look better in real life):

and two sweaters my grandmother knitted for me when i was like, 12. But they are still wearable, because they were a bit too big for me back then:
(oh and i didn't intentionally look this stupid!)

other smaller highlights were drinking coffee and reading. I have a cool coffee cup. Take a break with Paddington!
(And i'm ignoring the fact that it is valentines day today)


  1. i am completely envious of everything you found, especially those two dresses. :)

  2. The dresses are beautiful and i adore the sweaters your grandma knitted for you. It's always exciting finding old clothes that still fit and are new (in a way at least). My mum was telling me recently that she used to own lots of dresses and skirts that would've fit me now but when she went travelling, her suitcase was lost/stolen and all her clothes went with it.

    Also, i am quite envious of your paddington bear cup. All I have is a yogi bear one. <3

    Ps. I love science! I'm studying genetics and environmental biology, i love it so far but i have no idea what kind of job i would want when i graduate.

  3. woah Nikoline those dresses are amazing. I am in love with the second one, I'm going to steal it, okay? okay. :)
    and the second sweater is beautiful, too.

  4. waaa all your clothes are lovely, especially the dresses
    and i love your coffee mug c:

  5. I love the first dress and both the sweaters!!! I wish I had some secret closet hidden away with amazing old clothes...

  6. the flower-print dress is lovely. i have some like it. and i wear them in the dead of the northern winter [with tights and boots!] to make remind myself of the spring and summer. and the sweaters - so good. i wish my grandma had knit me some gems just like it. but that is what thrift stores are for i suppose :)

  7. the third photo :)
    i like the dress

  8. BRILLIANT JUMPERS!!!!! Your grandmother is an absolute genius, they're so beautiful. She has become my jumper idol.