Saturday, February 13, 2010

saturday february 13

The last one was to show you my t-shirt and make you envious! I love t-shirts, you can find so many with interesting prints on. Anyway, these were the result of me being bored. I have a gazillion photos from that boring friday afternoon. I simply take too many photos! And no, they are not all of myself, most of them are of my silly cat. I am just a bored teenager, that is all.
Yes, yesterday proved to me that i have no life. I was home all day, either on the computer, reading or watching tv. All my friends were busy with stuff, like studying for our math test that i won't have to take because i will be going to the university for two days next week. I'm actually pretty excited, i am one of the few who get to go. My first wish was to go to the department for medical biology, but that one was very popular and they only had room for two students, so i didn't get to go there. But i'll be going to the department for arctic biology. They have a bunch of reindeer and muskox walking around there. Though i think i'll just be following scientists around and see how they work.
Now i just walked in a snowstorm to the grocery store. At one point it started hailing and it was pretty cold (i ended up looking like some small snow monster!) but i did get some fresh air and some chocolate pudding!


  1. Hi. Beautiful photos and your t-shirt is quite spiffy. Arctic biology sounds quite amazing, I'm studying biology at university (i'm in my second year) are you going to study biology or art/photography? You could always do both! I love photography as well but I don't always have time to take as many photos as I would like to.

    Your cat is not silly. He is quite adorable. I like the photo you took of Findus (I hope that's right) in the snow.

    Have a lovely week and I hope it isn't too cold at the university you get to go to.

  2. hi!
    first off, thank you!
    how exciting that you are studying biology! what kind of biology? hm, well i am considering it, or chemistry or physics (yes i'm the science-y kind!). and yes, i guess i could do both. i'm not sure what i want to do really. i enjoy photography, i just don't know if i could ever make a living off of it. as a matter of fact, i highly doubt i would.
    haha, and yes i hope it isn't cold either! though the weather report said something about 3 degrees F...
    have a lovely week you too!

  3. Revolver er speilvendt, hahaha


    (gidder ikke å velde navn og adresse, det tar hundre år)

  4. haha Mia, du orka å skrive at du ikke orka skrive inn navn og adresse:P og ja æ vet d e speilvendt men æ orka ikke snu d, så humpf! :D