Monday, April 15, 2013

shoveling snow

i have honestly no idea why he does this. he loves keeping us company whenever we shovel snow and he often jumps up into the snow shovel and starts digging. findus is the strangest cat sometimes/always.
(sorry for my constant giggling throughout the clip, i couldn't help it).
also, i added labels to some older posts which might have resulted in them showing up again on bloglovin'? i'm not sure, but sorry if anyone was spammed with posts.


  1. Lovely crazy cat!
    And I have no older posts showing up on bloglovin, so no spamming!

    1. great! thanks for letting me know :)

  2. Han er så søt! Kanskje ha tror at han er med og hjelper ;)

  3. (i know this comment comes a little late but i just found your entry) this is so cute and funny :) :) (and i like your voice by the way :) and hey i would love to see new pictures of you. you're still one of my very few all time favorite photographers on the internet. just wanted to tell you :) )

  4. Probably he just trying to figure out from where the sound is going.
    Love your posts, stories and photos. Unfortunately they didn't appear so often as they should do :)