Wednesday, April 3, 2013

china part ii - wuhan, suzhou and shanghai

after passing the three gorges dam the ship docked at yichang and we travelled by bus to wuhan, which took almost the whole day. the next day we visited the guiyuan temple and after this we took the train to suzhou. here we saw the ruiguang pagoda, the master of the nets garden, a silk factory, suzhou museum and finally sailed down the canals after dark.

after our day in suzhou we went by bus to shanghai, our final destination. first we visited the shanghai museum and then walked around the yuyuan-bazaar and down smaller streets to see how the people lived there. it was very different from anything i've seen before so it was very fascinating. we also stopped by nanjing lu for a quick look, and then went to the jin mao tower where we went up to the 88th floor to look at the view. unfortunately it was foggy so the view was a bit limited, but you could still feel how high up you were. the next day was the final day of the trip, and here we took the maglev train to the airport and back again, just to experience traveling 431 km/h (we'd be taking the bus there the next day). we also took a small trip on a tourist boat out on the river to see a bit more of the bund. it was sad to leave for oslo, i felt there was still so much i wanted to see. but i did get to see a lot while i was there, we pretty much went from one place to the next with hardly any breaks in between. i was exhausted by the end of the trip. not that i am complaining!

near the three gorges dam

between yichang and wuhan

sunrise over wuhan

the guiyuan temple

view from the ruiguang pagoda

at the silk factory

the master of the nets garden. so beautiful, but i would have loved to see it during the summer.

bonzai-tree inspiration! makes my bonsai hannibal look like a weed (yes i named my bonsai hannibal. i had an archibald too but it died)

sailing down the suzhou canals by night.

a cat at the people's square in shanghai

walking down some of the smaller streets in shanghai. someones dinner?

view from the jin mao tower

seen from the boat, with the jin mao tower in the middle

view from our hotel

shanghai by night


  1. beautiful shots! really interesting to go through since I went to suzhou and shanghai back in january myself and went to many of the same places (:


  2. tycker att bilden med katten är fenomenal.

  3. Wow!! very beautiful photos!; my favorite is the one of the cat and the second one (between yichang and wuhan )
    I love all your photos nikoline <3

  4. Nice photos, what's that haze on photos? air pollution or fog?

    1. i was wondering about that too! but i'm guessing it might be fog because it was like that all the way from yichang to wuhan, which is pretty much 300 km of countryside, as well as on the yangtze river. hopefully it's not that polluted there!

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