Friday, November 18, 2011


i sometimes feel like i've lost the ability to express myself properly with words. i've often wanted to write a proper blog post about everything and nothing, but when i sit with the blank space before me and my fingers on the keyboard, i can't find anything to write. but i'll try now, one sentence at a time.

i haven't been active much with blogging or photography lately. university came and stole all my time and left me standing without motivation and inspiration. or when i do get bursts of inspiration, i can't do anything about it because i have so much work i have to do. they say the first year is the hardest, and that it will get better, so i hope i survive that long. some days i think molecular biology is the perfect subject to me, other times not.

i feel this post is starting to sound a bit depressing, which wasn't the purpose. sure university is hard, but i get to feel smart sometimes! like explaining the life cycle of angiosperms and gymnosperms, and try to learn to pronounce "actinopterygii" and "pertomyzontida", and if youre curious about how fungus reproduces sexually, i'm the person to ask! oh joy. can't wait for exams to be over, then i'll have almost a month of winter vacation.

oh! i'm travelling to iceland after new years. my mom is going to a conference there and taking me with her. i'm really excited. it'll be dark and cold but it's still iceland.

oslo is a fine city. every day i look out the window and it lookes different each time. my view has replaced tv. i wonder when the first snow will fall. its funny to me that there was a snowstorm in new england weeks before it started snowing in tromsø.

first frosty morning

i feel like this post isn't really saying anything, so if you have read this and now hate me for wasting your time, i'm sorry. if you read this and understood, thank you.

oh and something "hilarious": i spilled tea on my mac so now the "=/zero" and the "@"-button doesnt work. i had to google "equal sign" and "at sign" and copy paste them in here...

oh and another "funny" thing: i bought an iphone and after a few days it turned out something was wrong with the screen. so now i have to wait about 1-2 weeks for them to check it, before i either get the same phone back or a replacement. maybe it's all a sign, that i should either a) not touch apple products, or b) stick with the phone i've had for 7 years for yet another 7 years.


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  2. i'm a chemistry major with molecular biology as a minor, so i think it's pretty cool you're taking up mb! ;) i remember the first year of university as pretty darn hard, because a lot of the exams were based on 'memorization' only and NO books at the exams. you're lucky that you get one month of winter vacation! here at the university at århus, classes stops on december 16th and the exam period is held through out if you're unlucky, you have exams on the 3rd, 12th and 22nd... basically this situation doesn't leave out much time for christmas- or winterbreak.

    ps. GREAT pictures as always!!!

  3. Wow, the view of your window is just stunning (especially when there's a firework nearby :D)! I think I understand completely. There are times when I sit in front of the screen, craving to write something, anything, but I just can't write when it's not on a specific topic or so. I know I really enjoy these random posts on other blogs, so I decided that I will try to do these as well :)

  4. i can totally relate to what you said in your first paragraph. I remember I wrote about it some time ago in my blog too.
    There are times when I blog and realize there isn't anything interesting for the readers too. But i realized it is okay! you dont have to blog something "meaningful", it's your blog, you can write anything anytime to just record down what's in your mind this moment.
    i used to take a lot of self portraits too. but it's the same to me now, first year of university, and I came over to singapore to study and there literally isn't much space for me to take self portraits, this place is full of cars and buildings and people.
    oh you must be wondering why is this stranger complaining here. haha.
    the busy busy lifestyle, it will soon be over (:

  5. Study is always the hard thing.
    It is stealing my time as well.

    And reading this post is surely not a waste of time.

  6. Cred to you for studying, I wish I knew what to do with my life. But I guess it will come clear and I'll apply to a school next year. I hope...

    I really do like your photos of the town, look great!

  7. Your photos are very beautiful and I understand you, often I feel the same

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  9. That's weird, I'm also a first year student and wrote a post similar to this. Just before i started university i had such a prominent curiosity of the world and every chance i had to write about it or capture it i would. Now, i'm here, really living in this world and i can't bring myself to write about it. There's a weird sensation that makes the whole process so awkward...

  10. Your pictures... They are lovely! They are a kind of special from so many other photos I find on similar blogs. They are very fascinating and I look forward to see more pictures from you!
    I follow you with Bloglovin :-)

    // Ida

  11. I always enjoy reading your blog, even though you don't have much to say!

    Keep posting

  12. it's always so nice to hear from you!

  13. i feel like i wrote that.
    I'm in the exactly same position as you. University doesn't let me do anything, at all. And when i'm finally inspired i cant do anything.
    And don't feel like you are not say anything, because you do, every word counts!

    Monica .