Sunday, June 12, 2011


about a week ago our photography class went on a short field trip to london. we spent four busy days visiting one gallery after the other. it was a really nice, though exhausting, trip, and i got to see a lot of london, though not all the things i wanted to see, time flew by so fast. hopefully i'll visit there again someday soon.

at the train station, on our way to down town london. our flight was two hours delayed because of a thunderstorm over copenhagen, and the graphic design class from our school who were going to iceland, had to go to berlin instead because of the volcano.

visiting tate britain.

and tate modern. we spent about three-four hours there. my feet were numb afterwards.

the view from our hotel room, a cheap hotel with dirty windows and crooked walls.

a stranger at kensington park.

on the train ride back to the airport, after several days of sunshine the sky went dark from a thunderstorm.

the sky on the flight back home.


  1. Really nice photos. The last one especially is beautiful.

  2. Åå d sista bilde e nyydeligt, fine fargar å fint lys!

  3. Å, de tre siste bildene var kjempefine!

  4. I visited London a year ago, and I love it, and with your photos I "see" London...

  5. last picture is like some dreamscape :)

  6. London can be wonderful when the weather in nice, you got lucky! It's nice to see a city that I usually visit a lot through someone else's photographs :)

  7. Lovely. The shot from the plane is so incredible!

  8. amazing pictures! you've such an interesting way to see the world. i really like your photography.

  9. im actually going to london this august! i came across your blog while browsing photography and i hope mine turns out as beautifully as yours!

    please visit my latest post, i'm looking to buy a new camera and could use some experienced opinion! and your photographs are stunning!