Wednesday, April 27, 2011


this morning i left tromsø to go back to krabbesholm. the trip took 12 hours. i left at 6am and arrived at 6pm. flying itself didn't take more than 4 hours all together (three flights), it was the waiting that took most of the time.
when i got up at 4.30am i looked out the window and this was what i saw:

behind that wall of late-april snow, i can usually look over to the other island, straight at the airport. luckily tromsø airport is used to snow at odd times (including june) so it didn't delay us more than half an hour.

but now i'm back at krabbesholm with a massive headache and completely exhausted. it's nice though, and here everything is fresh green, instead of white. i was told that for the rest of this week i have architecture instead of photography, which will be interesting since i know nothing about it.

yesterday before going out to eat pizza with my friends.


  1. so beautiful! But I can't imagine snow in late April... here in Hungary it's already very nice and warm and everything is so green and lush :)

  2. Nikoline,
    Your photography is always so effortlessly wonderful. I dig your style, both in photography and clothing choice


  3. I like that feeling. Great combination of cold and warm colours in these shots.

  4. pizza med venner!!

    - mia