Tuesday, December 14, 2010

december 14

so this year i spoiled myself by buying a canon 5d mark ii. also i was spoiled by my parents who got me a 50mm f/1.4 lens for early christmas/birthday present (my birthday is december 27 so i tend to get combined presents. i can't complain.)

other than that, i've been pretty stressed lately. so far i have bought none of the christmas presents i'm supposed to buy. i have a ton of work to do and i have to pack and clean the house. my driving test is soon too. i just really hope everything works out.


  1. Good luck with your driving test, hope you manage to de-stress soon and have a great christmas!x
    (I saw your stunning photography on flickr recently, then popped over here and saw your arcade fire quote, now I'm hooked!:))
    Sarah x

  2. your outfit is freaking adorable.
    i'm literally in love with it.
    good luck with your drivers test...i have mine in march :/

  3. ahhh so jealous about the camera! I hope you start doing video!

  4. My birthday's the 28th of December so I know what it's like.
    Sometimes I'll be lucky to even receive a present, haha.

  5. wow, lucky girl :) i love your skirt x

  6. Jealous of your camera! Take a moment to breath and relax if you're too stressed, otherwise it'll just build up too much and you'll break down. Or, have a good cry. You'll feel much better after! Good luck with your driving test :) xo

  7. this is such a cute picture! love the skirt
    and, i haven't done anything about christmas yet so don't worry