Friday, April 9, 2010

book recommendation

i just finished reading this book:


it's a danish book, hence the danish title "kunsten at græde i kor", in english "the art of crying" by erling jepsen. i loved it. it is horrible and adorable at the same time. horrible because it is about incest, but adorable because it is written from an 11-year old boy's perspective. he doesn't understand what is wrong with his sister lying on the couch with their father at night, it always makes him feel better afterwards anyway. his father also attends funerals to speak, because his speeches touch people and make them cry and that too makes him happy. so when his father seems down, a death in the small town would be convenient.
the story is set in southern denmark, around the 1960s.
i definitely recommend you reading this. it has also been made into a film, which i think is close to being equally as good.

and i had some film developed, i need to scan them (these are just some of them i was sorting through):



  1. awwwr the story seems so interesting, the film photos look so promising I can't wait till you get them scanned <3

  2. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    & that book sounds really interesting...will have to add it to my list of to-reads!

  3. Ooooh, ja, har hørt om den fyr, og den virker utrolig bra!

  4. I can't wait to see the scans cause it looks like you've got some great shots there!

  5. This sounds like an amazing book to read. :O I will try seeing if I can get my hands on either the movie or the book hoepfully translated to english.