Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, so no i'm leaning more towards taking a year off and going to krabbesholm, the photography school. Reason for that is that my mom talked about maybe having a job for me that involves me going to the netherlands and doing lab work sometime during that year! And one of the main reasons for me taking a year off would be to go somewhere new and meet new people, which i would get to by going to krabbesholm as well. And since i want to go to the university afterwards and study something science-y, i think some lab work in the netherlands will only be a positive experience. I have to admit i am pretty excited now.


  1. felt compelled to comment since i'll be doing something very similar to you- taking off the next year and doing a year of photography school instead-, but also because i live in the netherlands.

    you should realize that holland is VERY different from norway. our highest "mountain" is like 500 meters above sea level, and its not by far as beautiful as other countries imo. also, our government fell a few days ago and depending on the upcoming elections, you might want to reconsider going here..
    i suppose it's alright for western students though. everyone pretty much speaks english and theres a lot of other foreign students (mainly germans though)

  2. your government fell? wow i didn't know that.
    but anyways i'll most likely only be there for a few weeks, and i'll be out on the country side, so i don't know if it will have any big affect. also i am from denmark and they definitely don't have any tall mountains there! :) so country wise i don't think that will be a big issue either. the photography school i might be going to is in denmark too, so i guess there will be a mountain pause?
    i'm still not sure if this is what i'm going to do though. time will show, but i guess i need to decide soon.

  3. åh, æ vil også dra til nederland!

  4. Jeg kom akkurat over bloggen din for første gang, men jeg har fulgt deg på flickr lenge:)

    Jeg synes Krabbesholm virker veldig spennende! Selv er jeg juss-student, men jeg vurderer å ta et år fri for å følge min store passion; foto. Kanskje denne skolen er det jeg har sett etter?